Play Poetry

What Play means to me...

Play is for girls and boys …. Play doesn’t need to be with any toys

Play can happen anywhere …. Play can be here, play can be there

Play is a natural thing … Play can be with anything

Play is a child’s right …. Play is important, don’t lose sight

Play is a must, play is a need … Play is inside growing like a seed

Play is in all of us … Play doesn’t need to be organised, don’t make a fuss

Play brings all kinds of emotions …. Play is like secret potions

Play can mean different things to you and me … But one thing I know is, Play needs to be

by Stephanie Ferey, The Kids’ Club

I'm a Child let me be...

I’m a child let me be …… Play should be free and chosen by me

I like to play on my own……. This is what I do at home

I also like to play with friends….. My play doesn’t need results or ends

Adults that take over my play…… Can have a negative impact on my day

Don’t force me to join in with activities like football……. If you do I won’t be playing at all

My Play comes from inside me…… I’m a child let me be

by Stephanie Ferey, The Kids’ Club

Let Risk Happen

I don’t like it sometimes when I’m letting you free …. As some of the things you do scare me

Up that tree I fear you will fall …. But you’re up there having a ball

Jumping from boulder to boulder … I want to shout stop you’re going to hurt your shoulder

Then I sit back thinking back to the past ….. Remembering when I was young, it was a blast

The risks I took, the freedom I had … Not being told to stop by Mum or Dad

Free to do as I please … Not having a care in the world if I scraped my knees

After thinking back to when I was young … I stopped myself and bit my tongue

That pounding in my heart that was there before … Finally let me out through my panic door

This door finally opened after years of being locked … The feelings I had finally unblocked

I watch as you climb higher and higher up the tree … I watch in amazement, it no longer scares me

I have opened my eyes to let you take risk … This isn’t something I should make you miss

Risk and Play go hand in hand … Who am I to take the stand

But now I know risk taking is your choice to take … This is a promise I will not break

by Stephanie Ferey, The Kids’ Club