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The Kids’ Club is an After School and Holiday Club for school aged children from Year Reception through to Year 6 and above.

Playwork is our profession and we exist to support children’s right and need to play. We understand children’s need for play. Our aim is to facilitate a wide range of play opportunities for the children where they have the freedom to choose what they would like to do; to provide an environment in which they feel emotionally and physically safe, valued and motivated.

Play is a process, one that is flexible, inquisitive, creative and unique to each child.

” Play is the universal language of childhood ” (Playscotland)

” When we are playing is when we are most alive, most truly ourselves “
(Perry Else – The Value of Play)


The Kids’ Club was launched in May 2001.  The school, together with parents and members of the community identified a need for after school and holiday care in the Parish of St Mary and it’s neighbouring parishes.  During the Club’s infancy, great support was provided by the Parish in the form of premises before the Community Centre was built and a valued and respected relationship has continued ever since.  

The majority of our new families are through recommendation and referrals. We work hard to meet and understand the needs of our parents/carers, providing the same level of service holistically to all.

The Kids’ Club is located in St Mary’s Youth and Community Centre which is accessible via a large carpark with it’s own entrance in the heart of St Mary.  It has excellent facilities for the children to enjoy such as a tennis court, playing fields, a newly built public outdoor playground and a large multi-use indoor sports hall.

Our building is accessible for all. The Club enjoys its own large designated open plan area within the centre with a central open kitchen, under floor heating with direct access to the outside areas. 

A variety of activities, toys and resources are provided including arts and crafts, where the emphasis is on self-directed play.

During the holidays it is only The Kids’ Club who operates out of the centre during the day, giving us more access and freedom of movement.

We don’t separate the children dependant on their year groups, we encourage natural relationships to be formed.  The benefits to the children of not being separated far outweigh the added pressure on us!

Both The Kids’ Club and The Little Kids’ Club are registered provisions and work closely with the Childcare and Early Years Service and the Jersey Child Care Trust, whose support and assistance has greatly contributed to the development of the Clubs.

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