Partnership with Parents

Policy Statement

Parents are the experts of their own children and are their first teachers too.

The Kids’ Club including The Little Kids’ Club hope to work in partnership with parents and carers. This supports developing a strong working relationship with parents and carers, so that holistically, we can support and meet the needs of the children and young people in our care, and this helps to ensure that the sharing of information is a two-way and on-going process.

We will always make ourselves available to talk with parents and carers about their child, and hope that parents and carers will share any triumphs or tribulations that they may have with us.

To have a successful partnership with parents and carers, we aim to:

  • Ensure that all parents and carers are made to feel welcome and valued
  • Show respect, understanding and recognition for the parents’ and carers’ wishes
  • Ensure that the settling in arrangements are flexible, which helps the individual child and parents and carers to feel secure in our environment. This will ensure sufficient time is given for staff and parents and carers to discuss the child’s interests, skills, needs and circumstances.  
  • Endeavour to provide feedback at the end of each day about the kind of day their child has had; encouraging two-way communication between parents and carers and staff.
  • Promote that we always have time for parents and carers and that we are also here to provide them with support and advice where we can
  • Respect the professional relationship we hold with parents and carers at all times
  • Make sure that parents and carers are aware of any changes that may be happening within the Clubs, this is a good example of how to promote good communication, openness and transparency
  • Endeavour to educate parents and carers about Play Work and its importance by sharing the play experiences we have in the Clubs
  • Inform parents and carers of our in house policies and procedures, so they are aware of the good practice we follow at all times


For our full Grievance and Complaint Policy please ask a member of our team for a copy.

(Reviewed March/April 2020).