The Kids Club After School – Parent Information


During the After School Club, members of staff will collect the children from St Mary’s School. Year Reception are collected from the bottom of the Community Centre’s balcony staircase, as the class comes to the school gate for collection. Years 1 – 6 are gathered in the school playground by our staff, with support from the school teachers. Our staff then lead the children out of the school gate and direct them up the balcony staircase and into the Club.

Children being collected from St John’s School; Years Reception, 1 and 2 are all collected from the Year 2 classroom. Year 3 and 4 will be collected from their classrooms by our staff. Year 5 and 6 are brought out together by the school to a member of our staff. 

All children from Les Landes School, will be collected from their classrooms by school staff ready for collection.

Children being collected from St Peter’s School, all year groups, are collected from their classrooms inside the school by members of our staff.

During the school term your child/ren will be signed in on arrival to The Kids’ Club daily by staff in the form of attendance, signing in/out sheets. When collecting your child/ren, the Club staff will also sign out your child/ren.

The inner front doors of the Community Centre will be locked and access can be requested through ringing the bell in the outer hallway.

If for some reason, an adult other than yourself or the person identified on your registration form is collecting your child/ren, it is essential that you inform the Club prior to collection.  Please note that if you have not informed us of a change in arrangements we have the right to not allow your child/ren to leave the premises.

Staff Ratios

The ratio of staff is minimum 1:10 for five years old and over and a ratio of minimum 1:8 for under five years old.  All staff are trained to the highest standards and are continually developing their training with the benefit of courses ran from CEYS, The Jersey Child Care Trust, Education and Highlands College.  All staff attend relevant courses and seminars on a regular basis and have the added benefit of regular in-house training.

Although we do have designated Key Workers for a variety of cases at The Kid’s Club, our team of staff are always on hand at the start of the day and also at pick up time to discuss your child’s day and any queries you may have.  We encourage the staff and children to form natural relationships with each other.

If your child has formed a close relationship with a particular member of staff, they will be introduced to you in order to give you first hand what kind of day your child has had.

The Kids’ Club have built excellent relations with good, reliable and qualified temporary staff who are able to work after-school and during the holiday periods encouraging the continuity of care. We have up to 12 staff working over the year, all of whom have worked with us for a long time, both permanent and temporary staff and all with extensive and varied experience and qualifications, from early years trained through to school age trained including specialist training, management and playwork trained.


Snack is provided daily for the children by the Club, included in the service, in the afternoon. We always ensure that the food provided is healthy yet appealing! Children with specific dietary needs can be catered for.

Water is provided all day by the Club as and when the children need it.

We also provide fresh fruit and yoghurts on a daily basis.

We are a ‘nut free zone’ due to a number of children having severe allergies to nuts, we appreciate your understanding and acceptance of this.

Absence and Illness

It is important that you inform us via telephone, 07797 832771, if your child/ren will not be attending either for the after school or the holiday clubs. Please don’t email as we may not see our emails after a certain time. 

If your child has any contagious illness or infection, please let the management know so that all parents/carers and staff can be informed.

If a child shows signs of diarrhoea and/or vomiting he/she will be sent home and they must not return until their stools are normal for at least 48 hours and all other symptoms are cleared.

Bad Weather

In the event of school closure due to bad weather The Kids’ Club After School Club will also be closed. 

If we need to close during our session times due to bad weather, we will contact parent/carers to arrange collection of the children.


Although we do everything to prevent accidents from happening they do still occur.

Should your child injure themselves, a qualified first aider will deal with the incident and the staff member who witnessed the accident will record the incident in the accident book, if necessary, which is then counter signed by the management.  If we feel your child needs to be taken to accident and emergency we shall contact you immediately.

Due to this it is essential that you keep us up to date with your contact details, ie change of address, contact numbers, medication etc.


If your child/ren require any medication whilst at The Kids’ Club, staff must be informed and you must fill in our medication form.

Any medication administered on the premises can only be prescribed by a doctor and be clearly labelled with the child/ren’s name and correct dosage.  Prescribed antibiotics will be stored in the fridge and are to be taken home each day and not left at the Club.

In the case of inhalers and epi-pens, they will be stored in our medical drawers in the kitchen, away from the children but still accessible. These medicines need to be checked regularly. Please ensure that your children’s medication is in date and they need to be replaced by the parents/carers as and when they expire.

You must complete the medication authorisation form.  This routine will be followed for each new course of medication.

Children over the age of 8 may take responsibility for administering their own medication on a regular basis such as inhalers, puffers.  Parents/Carers must however, provide a written letter authorising their child to do so.

'Way of Being'

Children have the right to relax, play and enjoy their time at our Clubs, without fear of intimidation, harassment, physical or verbal abuse.

We want the children to enjoy themselves during their time with The Kids’ Club and have as much fun as possible.  However, we do have clear guidelines which will be discussed with the children, which are also displayed around the Club. The Kids’ Club recognises the importance of positive and effective behaviour management strategies in promoting all children and young people’s welfare and enjoyment. (Please see our ‘Way of Being’ Policy)

The aims of our ‘Way of Being’ Policy are to help all children and young people to:

  • Develop a sense of caring and respect for one another
  • Build caring and co-operative relationships with other children, young people and adults
  • Develop a range of social skills and help them learn what constitutes as acceptable behaviour
  • Develop confidence, self-discipline and self-esteem in an atmosphere of mutual respect and encouragement

Please do not hesitate to speak with the Management if you ever have concerns about your child/rens behaviour.  Always remember we are here to support you and your child.


The Club has various policies that outline our practice and procedures.  We strongly advise our parents/carers to read them. Some of our policies can be found on the website. Copies of all of our policies are available on request and our Play Policy is included in the Parent Handbook.

If you wish for copies to retain yourself, please do ask.

Child Protection

The welfare of the children is paramount. Through ongoing training we have appropriate procedures in place at The Kids’ Club. The staff retain the right to protect any child from any form of danger they may perceive. (Please see our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy).

Grievance Procedure

We strive to build a partnership between parents/carers and ourselves. If you have any grievances please speak with the management who will endeavour to resolve it as quickly as possible, in order to maintain a positive relationship between those involved.

If however, you do not consider the problem to be resolved, please write a letter to the Club Co-ordinator, St Mary’s Youth and Community Centre, Rue du Pont, St Mary, JE3 3AS.

Alternatively, you can contact CEYS, Childcare and Early Years’ Service, who are our regulatory body, on 01534 449387, or email at

If you have any questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact Stephanie Ferey, Manager, on 01534 485897 or alternatively 07797 832771.