E-Safety Policy

The development and now widespread use of the internet, mobile phone and gaming technology has significantly enhanced our ability to communicate, entertain and learn.  There are enormous benefits to using such digital and interactive technology and as a result its use is widespread. 

However, there are risks to all who use digital and interactive technology and we have a responsibility therefore, to safeguard and promote the welfare of the children and young people and help them develop the skills to take responsibility and to look after themselves.

We don’t want to ban the bringing in of electronic devices into The Kids’ Club as we feel it should be the children’s choice and that of their families. 

Until recently the children were unable to access the internet unless they had the password held by the management of the Club, enabling us to be in control of its use as only the adults could access it. However, many devices are able to access the internet through using 3G and 4G. Due to not being able to monitor children sufficiently to ensure safety, this has meant that we are now unable to take responsibility of the content that they may access. Consequently, should parents/ carers allow for their child/ren to bring their electronic device to Club, this would be a determined risk and responsibility for the parents/ carers. We would recommended that if your child/ren brings a device then parental controls should be applied.  

Can we also take this opportunity to remind all users of technology that the taking of photographs and videos is not allowed and we ask parents/ carers to disable the camera icon.

We expect children to access age appropriate material. If we discover that this policy is not followed then we will confiscate your child’s/ren’s device until they are collected by a parent/ carer and requested not to bring in the device again.

(Reviewed May 2020)